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Mobile retail and service

Background of the Entrepreneur

  • Name of Entrepreneur: Nikesh Kumar Agrawal     
  • Address: Gola, PS Gola Distt. Ramgarh (Jharkhand) PIN: 829110, Mob: 7004287267
  • Name of Enterprise: Mobile retail and service (Nikesh Telecom)

Employment Story

Nikesh Agrawal, is a young tech savvy entrepreneur. After his studies, he never wished to do job, rather he was interested in self-employment and in entrepreneurship in future. He got trained in mobile service and repair and started repairing from his home itself. He uses to earn 4k-5k monthly income through his service. He noticed, his customer base is getting increased and which cannot be served through home service.

He dreamed to start his own mobile retail and service shop at Gola. He was unaware of business acumen and finance viability. He got to know about TRIF entrepreneurship program through his friend and met us at our block center. TRIF get convinced with his idea and knowledge about the business. He went through our process of psychometric assessment, EMT training and business planning workshop. He invested his own money of 1,00,000 INR. We facilitated a loan of 1,00,000 from Rang De Microfinance too. He started with 2,00,000 of initial capital during the month of October, 2019. We linked him to our mentorship program too. Gradually, his enterprise took off and he was making a profit of 12-15k with 1-1.2 lakh of monthly turnover before COVID.

Due to COVID, his shop was closed for almost 8-9 months. Though, he was doing repairing service from his home, he was not getting enough money to pay even his shop rent. Trade dispute with China also impacted his business, as he was ordering online and selling with small margins. After lockdown got lifted, he started his shop and seek support from us to buy a new machine for lamination. We supported him through the inventory support received from Standard Chartered with an amount of 20K. He bought new machine which helped him to diversify his business. Now, because of our support, he is making extra revenue of 4k and profit of 1.5k per month. This support provided by Standard Chartered, helped him to make extra profit along with continuing old services. He is very obliged to Standard Chartered for this kind support.

After the venture started, he said “जो सपना देखा था वो पूरा हुआ” (A dream come true).