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Jonh’s Electrician Company


  • Name of Candidate: Rupesh Kumar
  • Joining month and year: 6/2/2022
  • Facilitated by: Youth hub
  • Company Name and work location: Jonh’s electrician company,  Mangluru (Bekam bari) 
  • Is it a descent employment(Y/N): Yes

Note: Descent employment is which, where we have employment contract, minimum and regular wages, safe working environment, fixed working hour and social security like pf/esi etc


He has studied till class X and before that he used to work in Rajrappa project but there he did not get regular work nor money on time, his family income is not good, father works as a laborer and mother sells vegetables.

Association with ‘Youth Hub’

Field mobilizer discussed in S H G meeting after which he got information about this program and intervention by women sitting in S H G meeting.

Support given by ‘Youth Hub’

  • Counselling
  • Personality test
  • Logistic support to the work site
  • Post-employment follows up
  • Connection with family


  • Monthly Salary take home: Rs. 15000
  • Other benefits like regular work overtime and health care
  • Employee Designation: Electrician
  • He wants to use this skill to get success in future.

Future Aspirations