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Arti Woolen House & Cosmetics Centre

Background of the Entrepreneur

  • Name of Entrepreneur: Smt. Arti Kumari

  • Address:   Heramdaga, Post Chari, PS Gola Distt. Ramgarh (Jharkhand) PIN 829110,

  • Mob. Number -9608211853.

  • Name of Enterprise: Arti Woolen House & Cosmetics Centre

Employment Story

Arti Woolen House & Cosmetic Centre is a micro enterprise situated at Gola block of Ramgarh district. The enterprise was established on 15.10.2019 with a seed capital of the Rs.50,000/. Arti Kumari belongs to a poor family. She got divorced and separated from her husband, after which she was looking for livelihood as She is a mother too of a girl.

Before starting her own enterprise, she was doing tailoring work at home to earn some money for her livelihood. She was dreaming to start her own small shop to have sustained source of income for her and her daughter education and career. She didn’t start because of lack of money and got disappointed. She got to know about our Entrepreneurship program and gets connected. She did Entrepreneurship training with us, Yuva Compass helped her to build business proposal and she invested some money by her own and borrowed some from other and started her Ladies corner. She invested 50k by her own and TRIF helped her to get 50k from local microfinance to start her enterprise.

She used to make 70k of monthly turnover with 12-15k monthly profit. This money helped her family to have productive life. Due to COVID, several lockdowns have been called off and the store had been closed for almost 8-9 months without any income. She had to pay rent, all stock got stuck and hence working capital too. She was struggling to make her livelihood and even didn’t have money to get extra stock. She reached out to us for financial support.

Fortunately, we received some fund to support these struggling enterprises to sustain after the huge loss caused by lockdowns. TRIF supported her with an inventory support of 19,500. She received the inventory and which helped her to make extra revenue during festive season after lockdown and which helped her to keep the enterprise sustained. Though the amount is not much but helped her enterprise to stand again and now she has started making again a turnover of 70-80k and monthly profit of 10-12k. She is very obliged to Standard Chartered and TRIF for this support during this tough time.

After the venture started, she said “जो सपना देखा था वो पूरा हुआ” (A dream come true).
Her revenue gets revamped because of our support provided by Standard Chartered. This support helped her to sustain the enterprise.