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Role of an Anchor Partner

The anchor partner in each community facilitates a deeper level of ecosystem collaboration and coordinated action and acts as the “glue” that holds diverse stakeholders together and moves them forward.


Over the next ten years, GOYN in Ramgarh aims to:

GOYN Ramgarh

Pathways and Enablers

GOYN Ramgarh

Key activities so far

Migrant returnee initiative

During the pandemic around 10,000 people (info released by the Govt.) had returned to their villages in Ramgarh. The returnees had very less or no access to Govt entitlements and schemes. The initiative was started in October,2020. The initiative was led by the youth fellows, filed mobilisers and our field partners. Through the initiative, 3920 migrant returnees across Ramgarh were surveyed, 3873 applications were filled and 3080 schemes/benefits with a monetary value of around 2.1 Cr.

Skilling efforts

With partnership with PAN-IIT, for the first time 202 women OY were registered for a skilling course (ANM course) for the district and also the first time PAN IIT saw such a huge response from Ramgarh and an entrance exam was conducted exclusively for the Ramgarh youth. This is possible due to GOYN model with the presence of youth fellows, youth hubs and field partners and reach in the communities. Before GOYN model- the young women did not have the knowledge about opportunities present as in a rural setting a girl gets married at a very young age (16-17 years) and does not gets the opportunity and is not exposed to the career opportunities which she can pursue. This entrance exam opened new dimensions of opportunities for rural girls.

Digital Opportunity

A two-year initiative supported by Accenture, global for place-based approach towards advancing digital careers and jobs for 20,000 youth under the age of 15-29 years in Ramgarh. Of these youth 9,000 avail digital enabled agricultural services, 11,000 youth avail skill training and start an enterprise

Three Community-Level Components contextualized to the local ecosystem

Career Guidance & Counselling

A digital intervention to promote CG&C for youth uses digital technology to deliver career guidance related knowledge and resources. In the current times this has potential advantages, and it is highly resource effective. Youth today are digitally connected through social media, using the power of this, a programme that delivers CG&C digitally will yield better viewership, engagement, and conversion to digital opportunities. This is particularly interesting for Ramgarh as 50% OY are digitally connected. Based on its experience of having delivered CG&C to over 1 lakh 17 thousand youth across 6 states in India, Head Held High Foundation proposes a digital implementation model for providing youth with guidance and counselling to make informed career choices. This involves the following: